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Our financial ecosystem is backed with world-leading F&B vendors and technology partners who share our commitment of enabling better hospitality. Together, we empower our clients with high-quality financial decision-making tools and services, because hospitality is at our heart.

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About Merchant Advocate

Merchant Advocate helps businesses save money from the unregulated credit card industry without switching processors. As the premier, independent auditor of the processing industry, they are committed to driving fairness and transparency. Working on a performance-based model, Merchant Advocate is paid out of the savings achieved for you, adding more to your bottom line. All that’s needed for a FREE, no-obligation analysis is your three most recent merchant statements. Merchant Advocate negotiates on the client’s behalf to lower credit card fees quarterly. If they can save you over 1200 a year by lowering your rates and identifying out of contract charges, they will enter a contract where they offer a reduced cut of savings specifically for Paperchase clients.  

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