Exceptional Service: A Key to Restaurant Profitability

In the ever-evolving restaurant industry, one thing remains constant: exceptional service is the cornerstone of profitability. As restaurant owners, managers, and QSR owners, you understand that the success of your establishment hinges not only on the quality of your food but especially on the experience you provide for your patrons. In this article, we delve into the pivotal role exceptional service plays in boosting your restaurant’s bottom line. Having a strong team is crucial to the longevity of your business. Your job as a restauranteur is to foster training that builds these values from the ground up for your staff. When good service is apparent, you can increase traffic to your restaurant and improve revenue through higher average check spend.

Start with the Basis: Training

It all starts with training. Create a curated training plan to maintain consistency with all your employees. Exceptional service goes beyond greeting each table with a smile, it is about knowing the ins and outs of a restaurant from the menu to how each dish or cocktail is made. Training with a growth mindset will improve your efficiency in operation, which affects your customer satisfaction. Explore ways to streamline operations without compromising on the quality of service.

Develop an employee handbook that firmly outlines the guidelines of your workplace. From necessary procedures to uniforms, this will promote a healthy and organized workplace.

Upselling and Average Spend

A key pillar of service is the art of upselling. Upselling is a tool that will help your employees develop a rapport with their tables while increasing the check average and therefore your revenue. Average spend is the average amount each person spends in your restaurant. When your restaurant is slow, maximize average spend by upselling, and paying more attention to each table. This metric is used to analyze customer engagement, staff, and menus. A consistently low average spend means that it may be time to reassess your menu and evaluate how you train your staff.

Bigger checks lead to bigger tips and higher profits. Some ways to influence upselling are wine, cocktails, and spirits. Before offering the table water, offer a refreshing cocktail or glass of wine to start. Similarly, at the end of the meal, offer an after-dinner drink like a whiskey or aperitif by the glass. These are all ways to train your employees to offer exceptional service while boosting your restaurant’s profitability. Another way is to highlight and drop off the dessert menu at the end of each meal. Instead of asking if a table is interested in dessert, place the dessert menu on the table and highlight a house favorite. Upselling is not just good for your staff, but your business too.

Utilizing Technology Wisely

In the modern restaurant industry, integrating technology can revolutionize the way service is delivered while still preserving the essential human touch. Paperchase is a tech-agnostic company, so your specialized team of hospitality accountants will integrate any platform into your business with ease. Here are a few ways Paperchase can help you utilize technology.

  • Digital Reservations and Ordering: Implementing an online reservation system and digital menu allows customers to conveniently book tables and browse offerings before they even step foot in the restaurant. This streamlines the dining experience and gives customers more control over their choices while alleviating strain on the business. Although adding programs like Uber Eats, DoorDash and Grubhub can be an added stress, Paperchase’s hospitality accountant will supervise and keep track of all digital ordering invoices so you can unsure none of your payments are missing or commissions are not adding up.
  • Tableside Tablets or Mobile Ordering Apps: Equipping servers with tablets or enabling mobile ordering apps empowers customers to place orders directly from their table. This reduces wait times, minimizes errors, and allows for customization. Providing a seamless and interactive experience will improve guest experience and operation. Paperchase is proud to partner with POS systems like Lightspeed that offer operationally easy cloud-based POS systems that streamline your operations. Many businesses will get overwhelmed and sign up for multiple delivery apps. Paperchase will help you negotiate your deal to ensure you get the best service.
  • Payment Solutions: Contactless payment options, such as mobile wallets or QR code payments, provide a convenient and hygienic way for customers to settle their bills. Additionally, integrating payment directly into the ordering system expedites the checkout process, allowing diners to leave the restaurant smoothly. As your concept grows, Paperchase will work with companies that manage your payment solutions to ensure all your finances remain in order when adding new operations.

  • Personalized Experiences: Utilize customer data captured through loyalty programs or previous interactions to personalize the dining experience. This could include tailored recommendations based on past orders, special promotions on favorite items, or even personalized greetings upon arrival. This is a way to not only make the guest’s experience feel more personal but also take note of information that could apply to future marketing initiatives. Consider using programs like Adentro to capture guest experiences each time they log into your WiFi network. Additionally, engage with customers on social media platforms by sharing updates, promotions, and behind-the-scenes content. Encourage user-generated content by creating shareable moments within the restaurant and leveraging social media influencers to extend reach.
  • Feedback and Engagement Platforms: Implementing digital feedback mechanisms, such as surveys or comment cards accessible via QR codes, allows customers to provide real-time feedback. This demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and enables the restaurant to address any issues promptly. Servers should encourage guests to leave reviews based on their experience. Offer incentives for whichever staff member is mentioned the most in your positive reviews.

By integrating these technologies thoughtfully, restaurants can enhance the overall customer experience while still maintaining the warmth and personal connection that defines hospitality. It’s not about replacing human interaction but rather augmenting it with the efficiency and convenience that technology offers.


Exceptional service is not just a nicety in the restaurant business; it’s a fundamental driver of profitability and success. By prioritizing service quality, building customer loyalty, and empowering staff, restaurants can differentiate themselves in a crowded market and cultivate a loyal following of satisfied guests. Exceptional service is the key to standing out, thriving, and achieving long-term success in a competitive industry.