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Attracting, Engaging, and Retaining Staff

Attracting and retaining good staff in hospitality is always challenging. Paperchase talks to Ann Barker, Sales & Partnerships Director of Excellect, an independent employee benefits and health insurance broker to explore some best practice.

Attracting and retaining good staff in hospitality is always challenging. Creating benefits packages with which to engage, motivate and retain new and existing staff members may be the answer. Whilst hospitality operators are continuously trying to build strong teams to deliver the best service possible, the repetitive cost of recruiting and training people, only to have them leave when a better offer presents itself, becomes a continued drain on resources and budget. Now, for employers struggling to attract staff in an incredibly competitive market, it is possible to: make overall employment packages more attractive, add benefits to supplement salary, create appealing and attractive incentives, thus making you stand out from the crowd.

Paperchase talks to Ann Barker, Sales & Partnerships Director of Excellect, an independent employee benefits and health insurance broker.

It’s common for employers to think “we can’t afford to offer employee benefit packages” but the benefits arena has changed dramatically in recent years. This means that good, solid benefits, with a wide appeal to all age groups, are available to all employers and they don’t have to cost the earth. Here are some simple ideas:

Health Benefits

  • Offering employees a plan where they can claim back towards the cost of everyday healthcare, such as eye tests and dental treatment, will encourage them to have their annual check-ups. These may tend to be skipped due to cost, but regular checks can pick up early warning signs of longer-term serious illnesses which may cause longer term absence in the future. Additionally many businesses already pay for eye tests to comply with DSE legislation whereas this duty of care can be covered by the plan.
  • Employee absence from work due to aches, sprains, or musculo-skeletal disorders is common and so access to speedy treatment can help employee and employer alike. A plan with a generous annual amount to spend on physiotherapy means that an employee can book an appointment with a qualified practitioner to help sort out their problem quickly, claim back the cost, and return to work.
  • Private medical insurance is not one of the lowest cost benefits but it’s popularity is on the rise as people fear what would happen if they find themselves on the 7 million people + NHS waiting list. For the first time much younger people are taking out cover for themselves which is a signal to employers that this cover would be valued. It makes a business stand out from the competition, and it can be offered as either a fully employer paid benefit, part paid (employer sponsored), or even voluntary basis. Some businesses choose to offer it to their senior teams or long serving employees.

Virtual GP

  • Many employees struggle to get quick access to a GP when needed, and they may need to take time off work while they are waiting for an appointment. A Virtual GP service gives access to a telephone call or virtual consultation with a fully qualified GP, usually within 24 hours. Speedy consultations can help to get the employee on the road to recovery, and back to work as quickly as possible.

Retail Discounts

  • Pay rises don’t have to be the only answer. In our experience they are quickly forgotten about! There are discount schemes appealing to all age groups which typically cover food, clothing, electricals, travel, days out etc. As an example we all need to eat, and discounts off the weekly food bill can make a real difference to everyone. Typically supermarket discounts range between 3% and 7% depending on the provider.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

  • Mental health is a big issue, and according to government agency, Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the number of working days lost due to stress, anxiety, and depression were 17 million in 2021/2022. An employee suffering from poor mental health is unlikely to be fully productive at work. However, it can be so hard for an employer to help with every issue they may be facing in their lives. An EAP provides access to trained counsellors via a 24/7 Helpline, website or App, and Face to Face Counselling can be included.

Protection Benefits

  • There is a full range of protection benefits available, but Death in Service is one benefits that has returned to popularity since the pandemic. It offers peace of mind and security to employees with financial dependants as it provides a lump sum in the event of the employee’s death. Most employers who have experienced an employee death within their business say that they are so relieved they had the cover. It’s also usually one of the lowest cost benefits available (although it does depend on the age and salaries of the workforce).

Benefits start from as little as £1 per employee per week and some of the above mentioned are often packaged together in one plan. Excellect talks through all the options with clients, conducts market research and provides costings without obligation. We then help them set up their benefit schemes as well as support with administration and queries throughout the year, saving the employer time and effort. We offer free employee benefit reviews for those businesses with benefits already in place, and we don’t charge a fee.

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