If you serve guests, we serve you.

Our hospitality roots—and expertise—go deep.

The secret to happy guests? Creative genius + smart math.

Creating a delightful hospitality experience takes artistry. But maintaining flawless execution—and scaling it—takes savvy financial management. Cash flow, inventory, sales, staffing, vendors…it all impacts your ability to deliver on your promise to customers, whether that promise is a delicious meal, a comfortable stay, or an incredible experience.

We track all that data and help you use it to optimize and grow.

We grew up in this industry, so we know exactly what you need when it comes to accounting and financial advice. And despite our 30+ years in business, we don’t do things the old school way. We combine our in-house tech—developed specifically for hospitality—with real, live accountants who validate your data, explain what it means, and help your business realize its full potential.


Operators across the globe Paperchase

It started with a family restaurant.

Our three founders are brothers who grew up running their family restaurant. They understood the importance of great accounting, and they saw that most accountants just didn’t get the restaurant business. So in 1989, the brothers combined their hospitality experience with their accounting skills and qualifications to create Paperchase.

Since then, we have provided exceptional bookkeeping and accounting to restaurateurs and other hospitality operators. Our team and our services have steadily expanded, and we now offer a full slate of financial services for hospitality businesses of every kind, around the world.

What we bring to the table

On-the-ground experience

Our key people are former hospitality operators, so we know exactly what you need from your accountant.

Constant innovation

Our clients needed better tools to collect and manage their data—so we built them, specifically for hospitality.

Global reach

Does your business cross borders? Stick with one accounting solution, no matter where you go.

Market insight

We know the hospitality landscape intimately, so we can always steer your business in the right direction.


Nish Patel


Aku Patel

Founder of Paperchase

Simon Binder

Executive Chairman

Bimal Desai

Product Manager

Ruchika Mundhra

Operations Manager, USA

Philip Gay

Director of Franchise, Growth & Development, USA

Giselle Mastrosanti

Director of Restaurant Operations, USA

Chris Moxhay

Director of US Business Development, USA

Caroline Scannell

Client Success Manager, USA

Willow Jolly

Director of Client Success, UK

Marc Bertorelli

Business Development Manager

Manit Singh

Business Development Manager, UAE

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