Thursday, March 30th, 2023

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UK Budget 2023 – What does it mean to the hospitality industry?
Has the Chancellor thrown the industry a lifeline? With the recent budget, what will the effect be on the hospitality sector?
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Celebrating Women In Hospitality
Adriana Cavita is an international chef, soon-to-be author, and owner of London-based Mexican restaurant
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Celebrating Women In Hospitality
Anna Haugh is a chef and owner of Irish-influenced restaurant, Myrtle.
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Raising Funding For Your Hospitality Business
How do you raise funding for a new hospitality venture?
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Business Planning In 2023
The year ahead is already forecasted to be challenging – it’s about how we embrace the chaos, uncertainty and pressure and use it to fuel our creativity, drive new ways of working and challenge our teams to think outside the box.
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Make Your Bookkeeper Your New Best Friend
You may be running a restaurant, doing your own admin, and have appointed a generic accountant, thinking you have all the help you need to manage the finances of the business. The truth is you also need a bookkeeper!
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How To Open A Restaurant
Simon Binder, Chairman of hospitality accountancy, Paperchase, with 40 years of running restaurants, offers some sound advice to would-be new restaurateurs.
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What Does The New Government ‘Allocation Of Tips’ Bill Mean? 
New Government ‘Allocation Of Tips’ Bill Explained
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Paperchase Accountancy Expands Its UK Sales Team
Paperchase, the UK’s leading accountancy services provider for the hospitality sector
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3 Tips For A Successful Hospitality Business 
What is the recipe for a successful restaurant, bar, or pub?
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Calorie Information On Menus
New legislation became law on the 6th April regarding the listing of calorie information on restaurant menus.
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2022 Budget Recap: Hospitality Highlights
Did Rishi Sunak's Spring Statement Offer Hospitality a Little Hope for 2022 and Beyond?
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Hospitality Planning For 2022
What will your New Year resolutions be in 2022?
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Foodservice Prices Set To Rise!
Due to rising demand, product shortages, distribution problems, with a lack of delivery drivers, food service prices are under extreme risk of imminent increase as the hospitality industry gears up for the festive season.

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All in hospitality are asking the same question, “How are we doing now, when compared to pre Covid?” In order to understand the new normal and how hospitality is recovering post COVID, we have launched the Temperature Check, a comparison of financial data from 100 leading London restaurants, comparing an average of the results for the months of 2022 with data from the same months in 2019.

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